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Beauford T. Anderson Park in Soldiers Grove
Beauford T. Anderson Park in Soldiers Grove

The site of “Old Town” Soldiers Grove remains a vital part of the community and a draw for visitors. The park is located four-tenths of a mile west of US Highway 61 at the intersection of Wisconsin Highway 131 and County Road C.

After a devastating flood in 1978, all the village businesses were relocated out of the floodplain to Solar Town, and the original business district was converted to an expansive park. Surrounded by the Kickapoo River and graced with impressive military monuments, it has become a favorite place for families to picnic, children to play, and visitors to camp.

Park Shelters

There are two Lions Club shelters in the park. The largest is near the corral used for Dairy Days, a large community celebration held on Father’s Day weekend every year. The shelter has a separate kitchen/serving area and lots of picnic tables and can be rented for reunions or parties. During Dairy Days, come here to buy a great meal and dance to live bands.

Men’s and Women’s restrooms and shower facilities are location in a separate building directly adjacent to the main Lion’s Shelter.

A smaller Lions Club picnic shelter is located across the park. It is open on all sides and served by electricity. There are picnic tables in and nearby the shelter, and a small permanent restroom facility is close by.

There is a third shelter in the park, a 15’ x 15’ covered gazebo.  Also served by electricity, its elevated “stage” is the perfect place for musical entertainment.

A portion of the park serves as a campground. The area closest to the Kickapoo is reserved for tent camping. Two interior areas provide hook-ups for larger campers and recreational vehicles. The Village does not take reservations. Based on “first come, first serve”.  You can pay and receive your camping permit at the Village Office during open hours, or at Campbell’s One Stop Gas Station.

Within the park are play areas for toddlers, teens and adults—swing sets and slides, a skateboard park, tennis courts and horseshoe pitching areas. There is a baseball diamond and a corral, both with capability for announcements during major events.

Most impressive are the military memorials within the park. A Congressional Medal of Honor wall honors inductees from a seven-state area. A large memorial pays tribute to the POW/MIA and Killed in Action veterans of the Village. A marker honors the Village’s own Medal of Honor recipient, Beauford T. Anderson.

In 2008, a drive in the park was dedicated to another war hero from Soldiers Grove, Eugene P. Moran.

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